The project

FuSION is born through the collaboration of six organizations from four different continents who believe in the importance of the value and the fusion of cultures and the education of young people on (inter)cultural heritage for social inclusion.

We believe in the importance of sharing best practices between different and far communities, but mostly on the power of young people and their priceless role in maintaining their (inter)cultural heritage alive.

What is (Inter)Cultural Heritage Education?

Archeological, cultural, historical, natual sites, food, beliefs, traditions, language, music, dances, traditional games, grandparents tales. They all make up our cultural heritage no matter where we come from.

FuSION seeks its inspiration in these concepts and believes in the importance of sharing knowledge, experience and good practices among young people.


What is our method?

We believe education should be fun. And for that, FuSION has chosen to implement gamification activities. They are activities which take the elements of gaming in education activities using non-formal methods.

Heritage is our legacy from the past, what we live with today, and what we pass on to future generations. Our cultural and natural heritage are both irreplaceable sources of life and inspiration.” (UNESCO)

Who involves FuSION?

We work to enrich young people, youth organization, informal groups and youth workers with knowledge and practice on new innovative methods on (inter)cultural heritage education.


What’s our goal?

FuSION focuses on the development of new educational approaches based on non-formal gamification methods offering creative ways to support young people and local communities to promote youth active participation and social inclusion in society related to the valorization of (inter)cultural heritage.

Using the local cultural heritage as a start point, we aim at promoting intercultural understanding, cooperation and social cohesion of disadvantaged young people and local youth organizations in four different continents.

Game Plan

Our Game Plan aims at merging cultures, heritages but also experiences through a set of gamification activities with Youth groups and volunteering mobilities with Young people. 


After our Game Plan will be implemented in November 2021, the FuSION project will present the following resources in English, Spanish, Italian and French. They will be based on gamification activities for (inter) cultural heritage education and will be suitable for fun learning in any context. Have a look!

KIT on gamification activities

A fun and adaptable set of gamification activities will be available on the FuSION KIT. The activities will be innovative tools for youth organizations, youth workers and young people to be used in different continents, contexts and target groups as an interactive way to learn about our own cultural heritage.

Manual on (Inter)cultural Heritage Education

The Manual will include tips, experiences learnt and good practices on gamification activities in Italy, Spain, France, Ecuador, India and Kenya on (inter)cultural heritage education to raise awareness on the topic worldwide.

News & Events

(Inter)cultural heritage education: the FuSION project is back!

(Inter)cultural heritage education: the FuSION project is back!

After a long stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, the FuSION – Intercultural heritage education for social inclusion – project has restarted. The original project has been adapted to the new global pandemic situation in order to ensure the best impact...