Game Plan

Getting to Know Each Other


India, Kenya, Ecuador, France, Spain and Italy all met in Bhubaneswar, India to give way to the Kick-off meeting on February 2020.

It was a wonderful chance not only to exchange good practices and discuss about the project’s next steps, but we also had the change to explore the Indian cultural heritage, its food, dance, music and historical sites to kick off FuSION the right way!

European Voluntary Service


FuSION focuses on being a merging of cultures, heritages but also experiences. For that, 9 young people will play a key role in implementing volunteering activities in different communities among Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia thanks to a 10-month EVS (European Voluntary Service). During this period, volunteers will implement the core of our game plan! They will raise awareness and spread intercultural values and civic participation among youth organizations and young people. They will test the gamification activities on (inter)cultural heritage in the local communities and organize the Local Contests and Local Festivals.

Local contests


With the support of volunteers, local youth organizations or informal groups in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia will be involved in a local contest. During this time, gamification activities on (inter)cultural heritage education will be tested using non-formal methods.

Local festivals


A public Local Festival will be held in each local community to select the winners of the Local Contests among the youth organizations or informal groups. It will be a one-day event full of play, activities and sharing of experiences on (inter)cultural heritage education.

International Festival in Italy


After the two years of the project will be completed, a final international festival will be held in Palermo, Italy to present and share all project results. Youth workers, representatives from the youth organizations or informal groups involved in the Local Contest, volunteers and the general public will share their experiences on (inter)cultural heritage education. It will be a chance to widely spread FuSION’s results.