Six countries in four continents together for (inter)cultural heritage education and social inclusion

Feb 21, 2020 | Updates

With this premise, way was opened last February 2020 for FuSION – (Inter)cultural Heritage education for Social Inclusion project to start.

What is FuSION?

FuSION is born through the collaboration of six organizations from Italy, Spain, France, Kenya, Ecuador and India who believe in the importance of the value and the fusion of cultures and the education of young people on (inter)cultural heritage for social inclusion. They believe in the importance of sharing best practices among different and far communities, but mostly on the power of young people and their priceless role in maintaining their (inter)cultural heritage alive.

What’s our goal?

The project focuses on the development of new educational approaches as a creative way to support young people and local communities to promote youth active participation and social inclusion in society related to the valorization of (inter)cultural heritage. This will be done through non-formal gamification activities to learn about (inter)cultural heritage in engaging ways.

What is (Inter)Cultural Heritage Education?

Archeological, cultural, historical, natural sites, food, beliefs, traditions, language, music, dances, traditional games, grandparents tales. They all make up our cultural heritage no matter where we come from. FuSION seeks its inspiration in these concepts and believes in the importance of sharing knowledge, experience and good practices among young people. 

Who involves FuSION and in what?

FuSION works to enrich young people, youth organization, informal groups and youth workers with knowledge and practice on new innovative methods on (inter)cultural heritage education. For that, 9 young people will be involved in European Voluntary Service in different local communities to test the tools, share good practices and become part of there realities. They will be part of FuSION Local Contests and Local Festivals with youth organizations and informal groups. 

With all this in mind, all six partners, met on 26th to 28th February 2020 in in Bhubaneswar, India to give way to the Kick-off meeting on February 2020. It was a wonderful chance not only to exchange good practices and discuss about the project’s activities and next steps, but they also had the change to explore and experiment first-hand the Indian cultural heritage, its food, dance, music and historical sites such as the Konark Temple to kick off FuSION the right way. 

Stay tuned for more!